Why We're Embracing the Art of Letter Writing Right Now

Why We're Embracing the Art of Letter Writing Right Now

May 05, 2020

We might be a little biased, but this time of separation and zero-contact seems to be the perfect time to embrace the art of letter writing again. As kids, we dreamt of penpals living overseas, sharing stories and intricate details of (mundane) daily lives. It would have been a treat to read about schooling in Germany, or breakfast in France, or the cold winters of Canada. Everything was fascinating and new and eye-opening. 

Now that we can't see our friends face-to-face (without a screen in between at least), it's highlighting the need for these simple joys. We want to hear what our friends have been reading, watching, cooking; how they are truly feeling amid such uncertainty.

Chatting on the phone is one thing, but taking time to jot thoughts on the page carefully is another. They reveal something more profound; it takes time and effort. We want to see your scribbles and crosses, doodling and bizarre thought process. 

These are the memories of our friends that we will - quite literally - hold forever. The papers will be stored in boxes for others to find (not reliant on the so-called "cloud"). Take a leaf out of Audrey Hepburn's book. 

So, get writing! Once you have your address book sorted, find your medium. A greeting card might suffice and give you some inspiration regarding the content or a theme (love, appreciation, strength, etc.). Maybe a personalised stationery set is more your thing (keep an eye on the website for updates on these). Alternatively, we're making plans to share postcards (homemade or found in one of our many stationery boxes), hand-written recipes, little art projects, Polaroids - anything that might bring a smile to the faces of the ones we love. 

Are you with us? What are you sending your loved ones at the moment?

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