Colour Options & Design Terms

A visual guide to what options you can choose

Ink & Foil Options

Letterpress Ink Colours

We hand mix all of our inks using the Pantone Solid Uncoated Swatch guide. This means we can mix thousands of custom colours to match any of our paper stocks, envelopes or a specific swatch provided.

Foil Colours

There are many foils available in many colours in both metallic and matte finishes.

These are our most popular:
• Gold
• Silver
• Rose Gold
• Copper
• Holographic / Silver Laser

Paper Stocks

100% Cotton Rag

100% pure cotton, soft, gentle, elegant and thick. Perfect for letterpress ink printing as the soft paper cushions the plate for a deep impression.

Available in:
• White
• Ivory
• Light Grey
• Light Blue
• Light Pink
• Navy
• Black
in both 300gsm & 600gsm


Various matte paper stocks ranging from 120-380gsm.
Some are only suitable for digital printing and some can also be duplexed (glue together) to create thickness or utilise different coloured stocks together.


Banker Flap

Banker flap envelopes have a small to medium ‘v’ flap at the back of the envelope.

They are available in:
C6 - 114x162mm | USA7 - 130x180mm | C5 - 229x162mm | Square 130mm | Square 160mm

European Flap

European Flaps have a deep ‘v’ flap at the back of the envelope.

They are available in:
C6 - 114x162mm | USA7 - 130x190mm | C5 - 229x162mm | Square 150mm

Design Terms

Fonts & Lettering

We have an extensive library of fonts, both classic and modern day options. We add to our library regularly and include them in almost all of our designs. For our semi-custom and custom designs we work with calligraphers and hand letterers to create a custom look for your stationery, mainly names and heading details paired with a font.

There are many font and lettering styles, our most popular options are pictured.


Text Alignments - Left, Centred, Right, Mixture

Page Orientation - Landscape or Portrait