Add-on's & embellishments

Once you’ve found a collection that resonates with you, or maybe you’ve decided to start from scratch,
you can choose from a growing range of offerings to elevate and personalise your stationery.

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Custom Maps

Starting at $120 for map design (ex. printing costs)

Simple or detailed, maps help give your guests an idea of where your venue is in relation to landmarks and hotels. We recommend maps for destination weddings to point out spots to eat, drink and be a tourist. They are also useful for couples whose ceremony and reception are on different sides of town, or are a little hard to find.

Custom Illustrations

Starting at $120 for illustrations and paintings (ex. printing costs)

We work with a number of talented illustrators to create custom illustrations of your beautiful venues and spaces as well as couples and even their pets! Prices depend on the complexity of the illustration, and are available to purchase separately to use in another capacity in your wedding or home.

Digital Envelope Printing

Digital Printing $2 per envelope
White Ink $2.50 per envelope

Perfect to pair with our Studio Collection suites as we can follow through the typography on the invitation to the outside of the envelope.

Digital Envelope Address Printing is also for couples wanting to save time on addressing their envelopes but maybe don’t have the budget for calligraphy.


Envelopes Addressing (traditional 4 lines) from $5/envelope
Place Cards (first or full name of your guest)
 from $2/name

Junk mail and bills are all too common, which makes a personally hand-addressed envelope delivered by the postman such an extra special event.

We work with a number of talented Calligraphers to provide calligraphy & hand lettering services for every aspect of your stationery, from envelope addressing to day-of place cards and special touches. The calligraphy style will perfectly match your chosen design.

Wax Seals

Monogram Stamp $120
Custom Design Stamp $160
Assembly of your Wax Seal on your wrap or envelope $5 per invitation set

We can’t remember a time when Wax Seals weren’t on trend in the stationery world. If you’re looking for a traditional monogram in gold wax, or a unique design in a crazy colour - we can do it!

Envelopes & Liners

$2 per Blank Coloured Paper Liner
$2.5 per Digitally Printed Paper Liner
$5 per Foiled Liner

Couples often overlook the importance and possibilities of a good envelope. They are the first thing a guest will see and feel, so why not make it look as amazing as what’s inside. With an ever expanding colour range, you can match your envelope to your palette or introduce a theatrical element for your guests with an Envelope Liner which are so dramatic upon opening and sets the stage for your stunning stationery.

Coloured Paper & Envelopes

2020 is the year of minimal, refined design paired with block colours to add personality and modern vibes. Unless the colour is hard to find, or we have to make it ourselves (yep, we can basically print the background of  any coloured card you want) the cost to upgrade your invitation or additional cards to colour stock is free! Check out our paper and envelope colours here.

Handmade Paper

from $1 per card

Handmade Paper is the definition of unique. Each sheet is made by hand and has it’s own personality. Featuring stunning deckled edges and a soft texture that feels amazing in hand. Our paper is available in a range of neutral shades, we recommend Letterpress and Foil Printing to really show off the tactile nature of the paper.

Custom Shapes

from $120 per set

We are able to create custom shaped pieces to compliment your stationery design. From a classic circle to an on trend arch or a custom door hanger to greet your guests, the posibilities are endless.

Vellum or Paper Wraps

$1 per Blank Vellum or Paper Wrap
$2 per Digitally Printed Vellum or Paper Wrap
from $3 each for folded pockets

Wraps are a great way to package your invitation suite together inside of your envelope. Vellum is perfect for adding tactility and texture. Coloured or Printed Paper is perfect for adding a pop of colour! Pair the wrap with twine and a wax seal to really make your invitations an experience to open.


from $120

Some paper stocks are only available in certain paper weights which may not be as thick as you’d like the final piece to be. Duplexing is great if you want to achieve a thicker final piece or even if you want to add in a little extra colour. We are able to digitally print on thinner card stocks and duplex them with either another digitally printed piece or a coloured paper stock to make them thicker, like our 600gsm letterpress options.

Edge Painting

from $120

Edge Painting is perfect for adding a pop or colour to your invitation suite. You could keep it simple with one colour, or make each side a different shade! Metallic colours are also available for an elegant foil look. Only available on 600gsm Letterpress or Foiled cards.

Ribbon & Twine

from $2 per set

Ribbon and twine is a classic way to tie up your invitation suite - but with the range of materials and colours we have available, they are anything but traditional. Organic cotton, velvet, waxed or metallic cord; each adds a beautiful tactile element to your suite.

Split Pins

from $1 per set

Split pins are a simple way of holding layers of paper together, still allowing movement.Available in Silver, Gold and Copper


from $1 per set

Eyelets are a modern look and a great way to permanently secure multiple pieces together. Available in Black, Silver, Gold and Copper.

have a different idea?

We are always finding ways to push our own boundaries. If you have an idea that we haven’t tried yet - get in touch and we’ll be happy to try it out!

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