How-To : Curating A Digital Address Book & Letter Writing

How-To : Curating A Digital Address Book & Letter Writing

April 21, 2020

In this modern world it is easy to send someone a text, a Facebook message or connect through Instagram, but when it comes to sending someone a letter we feel like the first (and biggest) road block to sending something by snail mail is knowing their address.

Growing up, my mum had a green tattered address book which had everyone's addresses, phone numbers and birthdays all written in. It was filled with crossed out lines and new details as people moved, changed phone numbers, or got married.

A few years ago for Mother's Day, I gifted her a new address book with all her contacts freshly written in (with pencil), but the old green book still floats around. I don't have an address book - in ways I wish I did (because who doesn't love a beautifully bound book or an excuse to buy stationery!), but realistically I know that I wouldn't fill it in or keep it updated!

Two years ago I did curate an address book of sorts - an excel spreadsheet for my wedding invitations. It took me a while to contact everyone and get their addresses, so I can totally sympathise with our wedding couples when they are set with the daunting task, but once it is done it is great. I definitely have referenced my spreadsheet multiple times since my wedding - to send baby shower invitations, birthday cards and a thank you card here and there.

Another brilliant way of storing your addresses is simply on your phone. I can't believe how many fields are available to fill out when you add a contact - yet we generally just use the name and mobile number fields. Here we can easily update names, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses and they can be transferred from phone to phone over the years too.

Then we have to find the words to fill the card. At the moment most of us are working from home and self-isolating from friends and family due to COVID-19, so we have found ourselves writing of fond memories or our isolation projects and what we are looking forward to doing (or not doing) once restrictions are lifted.

Together with Bec from littlehoothoot we have created a collection of 4 cards which were inspired by both our current social distancing and our desire to keep in contact with our friends and family. This collection features Bec's beautiful hand-drawn type which is printed as a 3 colour letterpress print. It incorporates a process called overprinting, where the Pink + Yellow overlap it creates an Orange and where the Pink + Lilac overlap it creates a darker Purple.

We are going to be busy bees printing these this week (all 3 passes through the press for each card, so 12 passes all up) but have popped them up for pre-order on our website so we can get them in the post to you as soon as they are off the press! (Literally hot off the press) We also have a discount code for all our lovely blog readers which will be valid until 11.59 pm on the 1st of May - just use LOVETRAVELS20 at the checkout for 20% off.

Single Cards:
Distance Won't Stop Me - $7.50

This Is Tough- $7.50

Love Travels - 4 Pack, $28 (1 of each design)

Joy Travels - 2 Pack, $14 (2 cards of your choice)