Have you seen our new studio collections?

Have you seen our new studio collections?

June 24, 2020

We're excited about the welcome return to wedding planning, so we thought it would be the perfect time to show off some of the new collections we've been busy creating.

Whether you are after a hit of colour, subtle monochrome, or arty features, we've got just the thing. Spy a few of the designs below and find the full collection here. As always, get in touch with us - we love hearing from you!


cove terrace press wedding invitation suite

We love this combination of script, modern and traditional fonts, complete with floral envelope liner. Cove is an inspired nod to the 70s hippie era, with all the elegance and structure for today's wedding.


signature terrace press wedding invitation

Signature satisfies the need for something a little more traditional. She's chic and refined with her monochrome colour palette and smooth edges. 


odette terrace press wedding invitation

Make a cute statement with our Odette suite. Embrace romance and tradition with this subtle use of script font and peachy tones. 


bloom terrace press letterpress wedding

Our Bloom suite offers the full she-bang, complete with a seating chart and personalised menus. Utilise a customised map card to inspire your guests and show them the way - mark your favourite restaurants, cafés and look-outs, so your wedding becomes the ultimate getaway.