Let's Take a Moment to Look on the Bright Side

Let's Take a Moment to Look on the Bright Side

August 28, 2020

Things are improving slowly state by state here in Australia and we're awaiting the day our lives will look like some kind of 'normal'. It's still unclear when weddings will go back to the extravaganza they once were, and it has been a tough few months for couples as well as vendors in the industry, but we are taking a moment to look on the bright side: how can we make the most out of this weird situation? 

Get Planning

We have more time on our hands than ever before, which gives us the perfect opportunity to PLAN. Start making notes, saving inspirational images and sending emails. If you have already reached peak planning, there's no reason you can't spend some more time ruminating. Your best idea may be yet to surface.

Remember to take care of yourself as well: don't let this consume you, take time out, pamper or paint or bake (whatever eases your mind). 

Write the Guest List

We know it can be an arduous task, particularly when working with smaller numbers, but start writing the guest list and whittling it to your requirements. Perhaps it is even good for you to have a list for Plan A, Plan B and Plan C - allowing for different head count scenarios depending on the changing number restrictions. Once you've got your heart set on guests, reach out for addresses and add on to a spreadsheet for easy referencing later on. This will save you so much time when it comes to sending invitations and thank you cards (and also serve you for future birthdays and events too). 

If your invitations have already been sent, turn to the seating chart. Grab a wine, get your strategic skills ready, and start putting the pieces together.

Keep up to date with restrictions

It is best to have the correct information when you planning or chatting to vendors so you know what is and isn't feasible. Stay up to date with your states current restrictions here.

Start DIY Projects

You either love or hate DIY - it divides us all. If you've got the energy, undertaking a wedding project might be the best distraction of all. Spend some time crafting your handmade favours, practising hand-lettering, or embarking on some floral arranging. 

Set Up a Wedding Website

This is the easiest way to keep your guests updated with any news regarding your wedding. We love The Knot's simple formatting and range of designs to find something that is uniquely 'you'. 

Get Into the Nitty Gritty

There are some tasks that are routinely put off until the last minute. Work on your vows. Practice your speech. Create the perfect playlist. 

Practice Your First Dance

We've been racking our brains for new ways to have a weekly date at home (there are only so many movie nights one can bear). Make practising your first dance an enjoyable date night instead. Trawl YouTube, set up a Zoom session, or come up with some moves on your own and spend the night dancing away in the living room. Practice makes perfect, and you've got the time to find the right (fun) dance for you. Dance floors might be off the cards for guests - so think about ways that you can engage them whilst they are seated; a table quiz or trivia hosted by your MC, a live performance, a seat swap (musical chairs) so your guests get to mingle (seated) with different guests... you're only limited to your own imagination (and budget)

Keep Your Head Up

It's not easy, we know. It's a trying and tiring and stressful time; we hate the unknown and leaving things up in the air. Try to focus on your marriage and the excitement you (and your guests) will feel when the go-ahead is given. Everyone will be so ready to party, it will inevitably be the best wedding ever, regardless of what your day ends up looking like. 

Floral Image: My Violet