Our Story

Traditional craftmanship. Modern mindset.

Terrace Press is a family owned letterpress studio with our fourth generation printmaker Alex at the flywheel of this modern day establishment. She brings together the traditional craftsmanship of letterpress printing, passed down from her Pop Fred, and combines it with modern day printing techniques.

We operate from our Sydney studio and have a beautiful little family of machines. Each press has its own personality: from the way it prints, to the sound it makes, to how much oil it likes. In our current studio we have Felix (short for Frederick) and Elke, both 1960 Heidelberg windmill letterpress printers along with our table top foiler Miëka.

We are also proud owners of a few machines still awaiting a spot in our studio: Ernst - a 1975 Heidelberg windmill, Werner - a C&P guillotine, as well as a beautiful foot treadle ARAB press named Brian (which we are in the process of restoring.)

We letterpress print on beautiful 100% cotton paper and other specialty paper stocks that will leave a beautiful crisp impression, with all letterpress inks mixed by hand.
Each piece is hand printed one colour at a time creating something special not only to look at but also to touch.

Letterpress printing, together with a mix of modern day printing techniques (such as white ink printing and acrylic pieces) truly brings the designs to life.

The craftsmanship of our letterpress printing is paired with the beautiful designs created by our talented team of graphic designers who are passionate about hand lettering, calligraphy, and custom illustrations.

Isabel (or Issy as she likes to be called) has been a part of the team for the last 5 years and is our studio all rounder. From answering emails, making design changes, cutting, packaging, and even letting our studio dog Whisky out for toilet breaks, she is vital to our day-to-day.

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