Letterpress, Papers and Finishings

Letterpress Process:

Modern letterpress involves creating a raised plate from a digital file using light sensitive plastic called photopolymer. This has largely replaced original wood or metal type which would have to be set out by hand and once printed organised back into font families, sizes and characters. This was, as you can imagine an extremely time consuming job – and makes me really appreciate the work that went into my grandfathers and his fathers prints.

Once plates are made they are then placed into the machines for inking it and pressing it against paper to create a printed impression. The craftsmanship of our letterpress printing is paired with beautiful design; housing a wonderful and talented team of graphic designers. Their passion and exquisite illustrations brings a whole new dimension to our creations.

Letterpress isn’t the cheap or fast printing option that our generation is used to however, but the end product speaks for itself.

As this art has been passed down from generation to generation in our family, we are working and getting our hands dirty to ensure letterpress well and truly stays alive for many generations to come.

Our favourite paper to print with is Crane & Co. Lettra. It is a ultra soft 100% Cotton paper which is perfect to hold a deep letterpress impression. We stock it in 2 different weights and colours: 300gsm and 600gsm in Fluorescent White and Pearl White.

Foiling: Foiling is a process similar to standard letterpress printing with ink, however instead of printing with a strong plastic plate a metal one is required. This metal plate heats up and essentially melts the foil to the paper.

Die-Cutting: Using a die knife we can cut paper to a desired shape. Die-cutting is a process similar to the letterpress printing process, however it removes the printing plate and inks, instead inserting a knife into the press which basically cuts the paper out like a cookie cutter.

Edge Painting: We can paint the edges the Crane & Co. Lettra 600GSM paper. Various colours are available.