The Letterpress Process

Letterpress Printing is an older style printing process which involves a custom plate to be made for each colour printed.
As the plate is printed there is also an impression left into the paper, which is accentuated when using beautiful soft cotton papers.

Our letterpress machines perform three different functions: 

Ink Printing

Ink Printing uses a custom made plastic printing plate for each colour that is printed (including a blind (no ink) print). The printing plate is inserted into one of our machines, inked up by the rollers with each piece the being printed one sheet at a time. As the plate touches the paper it leaves not only the print behind, but it also presses into the soft cotton stock leaving a beautiful impression into the paper. We hand mix each ink colour according to the Pantone Uncoated Colour Guide but we are also happy to match any specific colour that you like so please feel free to provide us with a colour swatch to match.

Hot Foil

Hot Foil is a similar printing process to ink, but instead of using a plastic plate and ink it requires a metal plate and roll of foil. The metal plate is heated up on the letterpress machine and as the paper passes into the machine the hot plate presses the foil onto the paper it adheres.


Die-Cutting is a cutting / finishing process where we can achieve different shapes that we otherwise couldn’t on our guillotine. A die form is inserted into the letterpress machine which then acts similar to a cookie cutter. As the sheet of paper passes into the machine (the same way it would when it is printing ink or foil) but instead of being printed it is pressed into the die form and is cut to the custom shape.

Digital Printing, Signage & Specialty finishes

We are really lucky to have a family full of printers! With a vast range of skills and machinery, we are able to incorporate digital printing, large format signage & custom cutting to compliment our main passion - letterpress printing.