The New Colour Guard: Hazelnut

The New Colour Guard: Hazelnut

March 29, 2017

Have you realised we are already a quarter of the way through the year? It wasn't until this morning that it hit. But don't let us cause you a fit of hyperventilation and fear. 

Think about HAZELNUT instead. Doesn't just the mention of that word bring dreamy thoughts to mind? Imagining the most decadent gelato to finish off a perfect evening or laid back colour palette well-worthy of a dozen Instagram posts.

It really isn't a surprise then that the muted colour is another of Pantone's colour predictions for 2017.

Just you wait - it's gradually overtaking, luring us with its dusty appeal and warm undercurrent. Expect to see hazelnut everywhere.

So take a deep breath and scroll down for some inspiring images. Why not sneak into the kitchen and snack on some Nutella while you're at it?

hazelnut pantone

hazelnut pantone clothing

hazelnut leather backpack

hazelnut stationery wedding

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