The New Colour Guard: Kale

The New Colour Guard: Kale

November 05, 2016

With Pantone recently releasing their colour trend predictions for 2017 it seemed only right to delve in a little more, focusing on the wedding side of life.

Hues include those titled Kale, Hazelnut and Primrose Yellow. Perfect reflections of current consumer lifestyles and loves. And don't you agree that each tone surely deserves at least their own post?

Look out as we venture in to each, hopefully sprouting the seeds of inspiration for the new year to come.

First up, Kale (18-0107 for the colour fiends). How could we resist? A muted green made for outdoor settings and neutral pairings. Here's some of our favourite ways to make this work for your big day.

pantone kale

pantone kale wedding signage

pantone kale wedding bouquet

pantone kale wedding stationery

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