Wax Seals: The Perfect Finishing Touch

Wax Seals: The Perfect Finishing Touch

July 28, 2017

Before slotting all your precious envelopes in the post box, pause for a minute. Have you thought about completing the whole; making the outside just as beautiful and surprising as that which lies within? 

You've got your calligraphy sorted with perfected, Instagram-worthy addresses on the front. Check. To add a touch of elegance and impress your guests even more, consider the addition of a simple wax seal; bring back the glory days of letter writing.

Chat to us about your options - whether you are after the real deal for the full effect (with either a personalised or standard seal stamp) or a pre-stamped stick-on version. Choose from a range of wax colours to match and complement your theme. Give it a try and watch the excited responses come through!

wax seal wedding stationery

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