The trends to watch in 2019

The trends to watch in 2019

February 11, 2019

We have finally made it to 2019. We made it through the year that was and are now ready to kick things off with a bang.

Whether you're newly engaged, on the cusp of your wedding, or just having a browse, we've pulled together some of our favourite trends to watch in 2019. Use these as a source of inspiration and take from them what you will. Just remember: a trend is a trend for a reason, your wedding day also needs to be about you and your partner. Make these your own, add some twists, and you'll have one hot event up your sleeve.

wax seal wedding stationery

Living Coral

Whilst it probably wouldn't have been our choice,  can't look past Pantone as the ultimate colour guru. And, according to said "Old Wise One", the colour of the year is Living Coral. It's warm, heartfelt and inspired by nature. Replace all your classic peach and dusty pink tones with a touch of coral for the ultimate 2019 celebration. We aren't advising that you plaster your day with it, but adding a touch of it into your day through perhaps your stationery design via a custom design, or choice of envelopes would make for a lovely pop of colour. 

Sustainability and Circularity

This is one trend that isn't going away - we hope it's here to stay. Make your wedding a little more eco and earth-friendly. It doesn't have to mean a huge DIY undertaking (and if it does, this is a great chance to get all the keen relatives involved). Just make considered choices - try to cut down on the disposables, focus on using recycled goods and consider working with like-minded vendors.


Gone are the days of the heavily structured floral arrangement and OTT decorations. We're embracing and reverting back to the age of romanticism. Keep your greenery loose and unkempt, look for vintage crystal glassware and don't be afraid to indulge in a little mismatching. Bring the look to life through stationery with clever use of fonts, paper choice and always top it off with a wax seal

You Do You

The fashion world has one thing to tell us right now: You do you. Step away from the traditional gown, if you will. Instead, consider your personal aesthetic. Are you frivolous and girly? Are you vivacious and full of life? Or are you delicate and demure? Whatever your style and personality may be, there are a plethora of options out there to truly satisfy your soul. Don't be afraid to reach out to non-traditional bridal designers or engage in a little colour. It's your moment.

Playing with Dimensions

We're obviously quite passionate when it comes to wedding stationery. And with our custom options, we encourage you to make it your own. We want to help bring your vision to life and in 2019 this might mean playing with dimensions a little. Consider adding layers, printing on acrylic, and creating a tactile experience for your guests as they open the envelope and enter the venue.