The Simplicity of Navy

The Simplicity of Navy

July 06, 2016

If there is one colour that will never go out of style it's navy (evident in Rob and Rianne's and Mikaela and Ross' picturesque weddings). It is classic and simple, but never tacky, and the hue that suits just about every skin tone. Maybe it's considered the 'safe' option, but for good reason. Navy is horrible, said no one ever. 

What's more, it provides the perfect backdrop and tonal setting to play with other colours. With navy as the basis there is ample opportunity to add touches of bright white, golden yellow, tangerine orange, or even a touch of blush. Whatever the heart desires. 

And of course it makes for some wonderfully beautiful stationery and signage also.

rob and rianne wedding signage navy

navy bridesmaid dress

perfect match wedding favour

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