We're Featured on The Lane!

We're Featured on The Lane!

March 10, 2017

We are so pleased to be one of The Lane's 'Brands We Love' right now. What a glorious feeling to be recognised alongside so many established vendors for all things 'wedding', including Cartier, Mariana Hardwick and Bells at Killcare. 

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If you haven't visited The Lane yet in your planning stages, you need to, ASAP. As a complete online wedding directory and style guide, the site showcases a handpicked selection of vendors guaranteed to deliver a perfect day. Snippets of daily inspiration are featured to get those thinking juices flowing, with endless ideas and options to truly make your wedding your own. 

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We recommend heading over there right away, not matter what stage you are at. Start filing those concepts and boiling over with excitement. And be sure to check out our profile too! Here's a little 'cheers' to you all - for all your support and kind words on this incredible journey so far.

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