Mid-Year Inspiration

Mid-Year Inspiration

June 30, 2017

Off the plane from New York and we hit the ground running. Spring wedding dates are creeping closer, as are the deadlines for all the new stationery we can't wait to share with you.

Everywhere is cold: it seems inescapable. With no time to run for cover under a mass of blankets, a quick search of the internet delivers the warmth we're looking for. 

If you feel the same, pause for a few minutes, let the idyllic views and lifestyles of Slim Aarons' ever-inspiring, old-world photography sweep over you. A rush of heat ensues. Bring these colours and tones into your life a little more (maybe even for incorporation into your own wedding stationery).

slim aarons

slim aarons summer

slim aarons photography

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