Because It's Hump Day

Because It's Hump Day

February 22, 2017

The year is truly into the swing of things now. Weddings piling up, ideas culminating and the weather continuing to shine. Which also means it's about time for our regular updates to take a special position in the schedule too. We are up to plenty of exciting things so keep your ear to the ground. 

Because it's hump day - the hardest, longest day of the week - some kind of inspirational burst is required. Thank goodness for Instagram, delivering on our visual needs with a never-ending supply of talented creatives. 

Have a gander at Brigitte May's delicate watercolour creations and fresh feed. As a print designer for the infallible Australian label, Aje, you will assuredly glean some form of motivation from her work. Let these pieces influence the rest of your week.

Until next time.

brigitte may watercolour feathers

brigitte may watercolour flower inspiration

brigitte may watercolour whale

Images from Instagram