It's That Valentine's Time of Year Again

It's That Valentine's Time of Year Again

February 12, 2016

Soppy or sweet, romantic or not, Valentine’s Day is about to hit us hard again this year. It has quickly encroached, with New Year’s seeming just yesterday. As a little tribute to the much debated day, we thought we’d go through a few interesting facts on the history of Valentine’s.

  • The whole day is based around the legend of St Valentine, who supposedly was put to death by Claudius in the third century. He performed illegal marriages for young men, after it’s outlawing (as single men made better soldiers apparently). But there were so many men named Valentine during this time, that history is unsure of which Valentine the day is actually a tribute to.
  • The actual date of Valentine’s is widely contested. In the Middle Ages, it was decided February 14 was most appropriate as this was the beginning of the bird mating season.
  • It wasn’t until the 18th century that exchanging cards of love became a trend, and then eventually one massive holiday.

More importantly, most people leave it to the last minute to find the perfect card or gift. We’ve got you covered. We partnered with Galina Dixon again for a lovingly simple Valentine’s card.

Say ‘I love you’ in the easiest and prettiest way. Orders currently taken through Galina’s website. And if you need any tips on putting your love note together, check out our feature from this day last year (and how fast that has flown!).

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