White Ink Printing 101

White Ink Printing 101

February 18, 2016

We are heading back into monochrome world today, with some beautiful white ink printing. An effect full of contrasts, helping intricate lettering stand out on even the dullest background colour.

white ink printing letterpress

With beauty comes difficulty, or at least patience and time. Letterpress ink is transparent, so in order to achieve the bright and bold lettering on a dark surface, there are a couple of options:

- White Foiling. A process involving pressure, heat and a white foil stamping dye to create a raised image. (See more on our Foil Stamping post).

- White Calligraphy. Calligraphy is definitely a skill many of us wish we had - the perfect lettering created for every occasion, adding a note of elegance and grace to each piece. 

white ink calligraphy letterpress

Good news for you, here at Terrace Press we have the ability to undertake both. Depending on your desired finished appearance and budget, we can design a method that will work best for you. Contact us for further information, or check out our Pinterest inspiration board.

(Images from here and here)