Studio Life

Studio Life

December 07, 2015

For all those who work from home, you will understand the absolute importance of a studio space. It can be so hard to leave behind the daily chores and distractions of home, with a never-ending list of washing essentials and bills to pay. But no work would get done if we spent all our time fretting these things.

A studio space should be inspirational, organised and separate. We've learnt to fill the walls with mood boards, beautiful papers, life quotes, and current creations (often branching out to the desk also, a mass pile of inspiration).

Organisation is difficult at the best of times, but it is no lie when they say that a clean desk leads to greater productivity. Invest in some quality, and aesthetically pleasing, storage solutions - Ikea, and your work, will thank you.

While we still haven't completely aced the whole studio concept, it's a work in progress. Life and time get the better of you -  a New Year's resolution maybe to start afresh in 2016. Here's just a few of our current dreamy spaces:

studio creative space

studio organisation

studio inspiration wall

(Images from here, here and here)