Order of Service Design

Order of Service Design

November 23, 2015

To us, the order of service provides a vital first-taste of a wedding day. Your guests will receive the order of service as they enter the place of service, flick through as they await the bride, and, ideally, admire the wonderful design and lettering of the booklet.

It provides a taste of what is to come - one of the first moments to share your style and theming.

From a contents perspective, it's essential to make it reflect YOU. Anything from admirable blurbs on all the bridal party personalities, a thoughtful note of thanks, or details on the all-important Instagram hashtag.

Simple or detailed, the choice is yours. But make it an item to treasure - a letterpress booklet so beautiful that guests would never dare part with it, both for the sentimental and design aspects. The completion of your wedding stationery.