Notes of Teal

Notes of Teal

March 29, 2015

Teal is one of those fabulous colours that is so versatile throughout the seasons - it never dies. With so many varying tones, there is a real opportunity to play around with the colour and have fun in forming the perfect shade. It also lends itself to many colour schemes - whether themed around the beach, with shades of yellow and white, or something slightly darker or muted, with purples, blues and greens. Clearly the hue accentuates elegance - the trademark colour of Tiffany & Co.

Just have a look on Pinterest and you will find so many images to explore of the burgeoning trend. We've cherry-picked a few of our favourites here, with differing ways to integrate into weddings, other events, and everyday life.

teal bouquet

teal table setting vase

(Images from here and here)