The Importance of Table Settings

The Importance of Table Settings

March 19, 2015

Have you ever noticed the insane amount of Pinterest images and Instagram posts featuring a table, a plate of food, and the surrounding ornaments? Seems to be almost every few as we scroll down the list.

The dining room table has been taken to the next level, gaining high levels of popularity. It has become the social event (online and off). The perfect setting attracts many stylists for well-liked posts, and also creates a charming mood at home or events. Whether you use candles, flowers, or vintage collectables, an atmosphere is formed. Or you could even add in some letterpress goodies, like menus, place cards or table number like Emily did at her inspired wedding. Personalisation and the age-old mantra "less is more" are key - come up with your theme and colour scheme, then stick with it.

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