History of the Heidelberg

History of the Heidelberg

February 13, 2015

At Terrace Press we stick to tradition in creating our letterpress designs. Not only has the art been in the family for four generations, but our beautiful Heidelberg machines are classics, dating back to the 1960's. Felix and Elke are our much-loved friends and business partners. 

The Heidelberg is an incredibly versatile machine - with the ability to print, imprint, emboss, foil stamp, and more. Created by a group of German craftsmen in 1850, the machine lives up to their high standard of manufacturing and design. To be regarded as the 'Prince of Presses' is a great feat, surpassing the years and remaining a sought-after addition for any letterpress lover. 

Throughout the Heidelberg's earlier years, it underwent a mass of changes and updates, to create the press we know and love today. At it's peak in 1967 there was one machine built every 14 minutes. It's clear why though. Browse through some of our work and you will see the immense detail and authenticity in every piece, bringing to life the stock and message. 

We are well and truly Heidelberg fangirls, and deservedly so.