The Proposal

The Proposal

January 21, 2015

These days it’s customary to document everything from your morning coffee to the moment you say ‘yes!’

After speaking to a few brides about their proposal we got quite mixed reviews about whether the proposal should be shared just between the two of you or something that’s public, just like your engagement and wedding celebrations.

It’s become quite common to see a group of men with rose petals and candles running around the ‘perfect’ spot prepping it for their mates’ big proposal. Once finished they then hide amongst the bushes with a camera to make sure they catch the moment on film.

It’s made us question; would we want our own proposal to be a public affair? Here we take a look at it from both the groom and the brides’ perspective.

The Groom: It’s a day of hanging out with his mates, all amped up with excitement and sneaking around. The men don’t usually get to plan things with their mates – lets face it, they aren’t going to meet up over flower arrangements or what fabric the table runners should be. The groom and the groomsmen generally only have 100% involvement in the planning of the proposal, the bucks night and what they are going to do on the morning of the wedding. So should we really take this away from them if it’s something they want? At the end of the day it’s their proposal too!

The Bride: Unless you’ve found the ring, or someone has let it slip, hopefully the proposal will be a total surprise for you – who doesn’t love a surprise, especially when it involves jewellery? So if your man had decided to enlist the help of his friends, the proposal generally pans out like this: You arrive at a beautifully set up spot, he confesses his deep love for you, he gets down on one knee and you say yes…perfect right? Then all of his mates pile on out to congratulate you both. Depending on how close you are with his friends this might be ideal, however if it turns into a bro-fest full of high fives and beers, it’s easy to see how this may be far from perfect for the bride. We would much prefer to be showing off that new shiny ring to friends and family or just celebrating with our husband-to-be!

At the end of the day it is really something that the groom must weigh up and do what is best for them as a couple. Originally we thought it was a great idea for him to get all of his mates involved – but after realising that once you’re engaged, every part of your relationship is celebrated publicly, maybe it would be nice to have something that is just shared between the two of you. But how beautiful would it be to have these shots of the moment where he gets down on one knee - a lovely keepsake for the rest of your life.

We've built up a bit of a collection of wonderful proposals on Pinterest too...we are hooked.

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