The Lost Art of Snail Mail

The Lost Art of Snail Mail

December 17, 2014

How long has it been since you received a generous, heart-warming note in the mail? Even with the Christmas season fully under way, the mailed cards are hardly anywhere to be seen in comparison to years gone by, where you would line those sent cards around the house. Today it’s all about the email, the e-card, social sharing or a text message.

It’s definitely not an art that we want to lose sight of here at Terrace Press. A heartfelt letter brightens up everyone’s evening after a long, dreary day stuck in the office. Technology is amazing, but certain things are left best in their original form.

Joining a snail mail group is so much fun and a lot easier than you may think! We are a part of a snailmail group that we stumbled upon via Instagram @thesnailmailcollective (unfortunately it is closed to new members at the moment due to the rapid growth). It's great connecting with someone new each month, people from different states/countries that are all so interesting and unique.

So get sending, spread some of the love, and cheer up Australia Post! Try some of our beautiful note card sets - they are a perfect note to send to a loved one, to just say hello, or a great introduction piece to a new snail mail friend!

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