Marbled Appeal

Marbled Appeal

March 21, 2016

Right now that marbled look is everywhere, truly becoming an even greater trend than ever expected. The look has extended across such a wide range of products and offerings, from homewares to stationery to technology. That's the nature of a trend - it transcends categories and instead becomes a large desirable mass that can be resisted by none.

Maybe it's the smooth nature, or cold to the touch feel that draw us in so much. It forever appears clean and well-managed, yet so individually patterned and unique. We all want to feel we own the one-of-a-kind item, and now we can with the unexpected results of marbling shining through.

An inspiration source in terms of both patterning and tone, here are some of favourite uses and looks. 

marbled homewares

marbled stationery copper

 marble pattern

Images from here, here and here