How-To : Write a Valentine's Love Note

How-To : Write a Valentine's Love Note

February 10, 2015

Love letters are so old-school, like when you secretly sent admiring words to your primary school crush, anonymously. These days it is all about the love note. They say bigger is better, but we beg to differ. Sometimes the most brief of proclamations are those that hold the greatest meaning and feeling.

Here are our little tips for writing a Valentines love note to your special someone:

  • Make it reminiscent. There is something about reflecting and remembering wonderful past experiences - the beauty in shared moments full of love, laughter, or craziness. Relish in those and hold them precious.
  • Make it funny. If you are the kind of couple who love a bit of a joke, write your own, as gushy as possible, embarrassingly so. That note will be treasured forever for it’s pure hilarity (and hint of truth).
  • Make it fit your relationship. Some of us are super romantic / intimate, some of us are more casual with a relationship built on incredible friendship and shared interests - so make your note match your relationship type, make it match the two of you. If you are gushy, then gush. If you both love quoting movies, then quote one of your favourite lines. Make it real and genuine, not a Hallmark-ready message.
  • Most importantly, voice your love - that’s the whole point of Valentine’s Day anyway right?

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